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General Copy Trading Terms and Conditions for Traders

1. Trader can create an unlimited number of Strategies in the Copy trading service. For each Strategy, a separate account is created in the MetaTrader 4 platform.

2. When creating a Strategy, the Trader has to specify the following parameters:

    • strategy name;
    • leverage ratio;
    • account type.

    After the Strategy is created, the Trader needs to go to the “My accounts” – “Settings” section in the Copy trading platform and add a Strategy description and indicate the Trader’s fee. The fee rate settings can be changed later, but, in this case, the new settings will be applied to new Investments only.

    3. When a signal to open a position is received, the system calculates and places orders for each active Investment in this Strategy. The Investment volume is calculated by the Copy trading service automatically based on the Trader/Investor equity ratio, as well as the Copy ratio parameter.

    4. If there’s not enough free margin to copy a trade from the Strategy to the Investor’s account, the trading signal will be skipped and the position will not be copied.

    5. The Trader undertakes to maintain the level of his own funds in the Strategy at no less than 2% of the total Investors’ funds. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to optimize the margin requirements on the Trader’s and Investors’ accounts. At the same time, the Company shall strive to notify Clients of the changes via email.

    6. The Company reserves the right to liquidate the Strategy if it suspects the Trader of fraudulent activity (with prior notification of the Trader by email).

    7. A Strategy will be automatically archived if:

    • no trading or non-trading operations have been performed in the account within 90 days;
    • there are no open orders;
    • there are no funds in the account.

    8. The Company reserves the right to close the Strategy automatically if the total profitability indicator reaches -100%.

    9. The Company reserves the right to change the leverage ratio on the Trader’s account if the total Investor funds within the Strategy exceed 500,000 USD. At the same time, the Company shall strive to notify the Trader of the changes in advance through all available communication channels.

    More detailed information is available in the Copy Trading Service Regulations.


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    Date of Last Revision 26/12/2022