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The aim of this warning is to provide information about the risks associated with performing trading transactions in the financial markets and notify the Client of possible financial losses associated with these risks. This Risk Warning does not provide a complete list of all the risks as they arise from various situations and apply to your individual circumstances.

1. When performing currency conversion operations, even small price changes in the underlying financial instrument can have a significant impact on the Client’s trading account balance due to the use of leverage. If the market moves against the Client, he may suffer losses ranging from the initial invested capital to any additional funds deposited by the Client to maintain open positions. The Client is fully responsible for taking into account all risks, using financial resources and choosing an appropriate trading strategy.

2. A number of financial instruments have significant intraday price ranges, which may result in both profit and losses when performing foreign exchange currency transactions.

3. The Client assumes risks of financial losses due to the information, communication, electrical and other systems’ malfunction and as a result of a force majeure event.

4. The Client acknowledges that in abnormal market conditions the processing time of client trade orders can be extended.

5. The client acknowledges that the only reliable source of quote flow information is the main server for client requests, used to maintain live trading accounts. The quotes databases in the client terminal cannot be considered as a reliable source of information regarding the streaming quotes, as in case of unstable connection between the client terminal and the server a part of quotes can fail to reach the client terminal.

6. The client assumes the risks of financial losses caused by force majeure events.

7. In the event that the Client voluntary or involuntary provides access to his trading account to third parties (third-party trading) or automated trading systems (trading robots/advisors), the Client acknowledges and confirms that he is aware of all the risks associated with third-party trading/using automated trading systems, and hereby indemnifies the Company against any claims and losses incurred by the Client as a result of their activity.

8. The client agrees that in the event that his trading account is managed by a third party, AMarkets has the right to request contact details or full verification of the account manager’s identity.

9. Taking into consideration the foregoing, the Company recommends that you carefully consider your investment experience, trading goals, your capacity to take on risk and financial capacity to bear the risks attendant to trading in the financial markets.

This Risk Warning is not intended to force you to refuse from performing trading transactions in the financial markets, but rather to help you assess the risks associated with trading in the financial markets and consider a more responsible approach to choosing your trading strategy.

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